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Rick Was on an Episode of the Midnight Movie Cowboys!

Hey everybody Rick here with a very special episode of the fantastic Midnight Movie Cowboys podcast.  Crossovers are not an uncommon thing in the world of podcasting but in this case, you get to hear me talk about Disney in ways that I don't usually get to talk about.  Stu and Hunter were kind enough to invite me over to come and play with them and talk the issues of racism in Disney and the classic Warner Brothers cartoons. 

Now a word to those who are a little more sensitive to strong language, this episode does feature some foul language and racial content that might be considered offensive but the racial content is strictly to the context of the episode.  Either way, it was an absolute blast to record with these guys and their show quality is nothing short of amazing.  Expect to hear both Stu and Hunter on USG soon enough in some upcoming episodes!  

Click here to listen to some great discussion!

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