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The Real Ray Dino Contest Winner!

Hey Everybody, Rick here with the results of the real Ray contest.  Our winner is our listener Nick from Wisconsin and he has won the translucent Martian Manhunter figure which will be making its way to him this week!  Having said that, the real (or rather original) Ray was the one on the right.  The one on the left is the back up Ray, or rather...well....I hate to say this.

The original Ray has been very good to us here at the USG.  He stepped in as the mascot of the USG when tragedy struck us and we lost our original mascot Remy the poodle.  Unfortunately, a dino's life is only so long until he has to retire, so it is with heavy heart that the original Ray is going to retire and in his place, the replacement dino will be taking over the duties.  He will still be known as Ray, he will still continue to be a permanent fixture for the USG but, we are going with a dinosaur that has received significantly less damage than Ray Version 1.  Ray version 2.0 will be making his debut soon while the original Ray will be taking up a place of honor and enjoying his retirement in my collection room.  But anyway...

Congrats to Nick for winning this contest.  We will be doing another contest very soon so keep looking out for more awesome stuff coming out of USG!

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