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Random bit of Awesomeness: Goodbye For Now.....

Hey Everybody, Rick here ending my run of Random Bits of Awesomeness for the moment.

There is a reason for this.

It is that I got a job recently and that will be taking up my time in adjusting my schedule so I can continue to work on the podcasts and also school (which will be over soon mercifully) and also try to spend time with the family.  Having said that, this is not the end for Random Bits of Awesomeness.  I will be talking to our co-hosts to see who wants to take up the reins in my stead for a little while because frankly, the internets are filled with entirely too many weird and wonderful things to not share with you guys and I am sure we have only begun to scratch the surface of the awesomeness that is out there.  Thank you guys for receiving this so well and in typical USG fashion, I am going to be played off by a little ditty that you will have heard on the USG episodes as our closing music.  This is a song that was brought to my attention by Cole and the show has been all the better for it.  Enjoy the music video and I will be back to doing the Random Bits of Awesomeness soon enough.


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