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Pottermania Day 3: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Hey everybody Rick here with day 3 of the Harry Potter trailers.  Prisoner of Azkaban is a particularly interesting one of the series because it marks a departure in tone and also in terms of intensity.  The reason is that director Alfonso Cuaron took over the reins from Chris Columbus and the resulting film is an excellent one.  The trailer gives you an idea of this tonal shift and for the most part this movie really works.  There were a couple of glaring omissions from the book that should have been in there but it's understandable when an adaptation is done, some of the more beloved aspects of the book tend to get the executioner's axe.  Having said that, Cuaron is the director to take the most liberties with the source material, and he was the first to work the hell out the actors.  With good reason because we see the three leads in particular, grow acting wise in ways that until this movie we didn't think was possible.  In any case, enjoy this trailer!


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