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Random Bit of Awesomeness: Super-Hero Daze 5 - Gotham City Back Alley

JediCole here with the last of this batch of Super-Hero Daze entries.  This is one of the best fan films ever made, at least from a technical standpoint.  It was the first film by Sandy Collora and was made on a much higher than average budget for a fan film (about $30,000).  While Collora has said that he produced this short film as a means to showcase his talents as a director, personally I think it does more to showcase his creditials as a fanboy!  It is a good enough film but he really does not provide much insight into his directoral acumen.  What he does, however, is give us a high-end love letter to not one but three properties that are close to the hearts of geeks everywhere.  And give us a glimpse at the possibilities of a film that would never be made commercially. 

Also note that the late Andrew Koenig appears as the Joker.


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