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Snubbed Again! – The Wizard World Texas Edition

No love for Finish It! Finish It! here.
If you have been following the USG from the outset you are likely aware of the innovative and interactive show I have produced at three conventions in Texas this year, Finish It! Finish It! With the help of one of the friends of this unique “game show” I had hoped to give it one more go before the year’s end. And this time at the first Wizard World produced show in Texas in some years, the Austin Comic-Con.

But alas it was not to be. It seems that this kind of programming is outside of the realm of what Wizard produces. It was even described as being too “wacky” for their show. Wacky?! Yes, nothing is more wacky than giving convention attendees the opportunity to interact directly with a panel of artists and have their own original art made better by the pros. And to have a one of a kind souvenir of the experience. Wacky indeed!

So as not to let this snub go unanswered I am going to ask that our ever-growing number of friends and fans of the show join me in letting Wizard know how we feel about this snub. And yes, I would certainly classify this as a snub! To that end I am going to request that everyone in the USG – our cast, our staff, our writers, and you, our fans, take a moment to drop a line to Wizard World and tell them what they are missing out on by snubbing Finish It! Finish It! Please, be polite and professional in your correspondence, you are acting as an ambassador of the United States of Geekdom after arll. But do let your voice be heard. A snub of one of us is a snub of all of us! Wait, no, that is an attack on one of us, etc., according to Rorschach in Watchmen anyway.

If you are unfamiliar with Finish It! Finish It! check out the article on the All-Con 2010 and Texas Comic Con 2010 editions.  (Finish It! Finish It! Article)  It is best to have a good frame of reference when you write to tell Wizard what they are ignoring here. I am working on seeing if the folks at Star Trek Fan Days would let me produce a special Trek-themed edition for their show in October (I am going to be there regardless) and you will definitely get a chance to participate in Finish It! at All-Con 2011 where the whole USG will be out in force!


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