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Ray in California Day 2: Ray at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights!

Hey Everybody, Rick here with Day 2 of Ray's California Adventures! We paid a visit to Universal Studios, my old stomping grounds with some friends, two of which happen to be part of USG West Coast!  We got together and hit Universal's Halloween Horror Nights.  How was the event? Being someone who does not scare easy, most of the mazes were good but not terrifying.  The Nightmare on Elm Street Maze was impressive from a technical standpoint and the Rob Zombie maze was nothing short of incredible.  Otherwise, it was a fun night with great conversation, and good people. 

Jason decides to try to eat Ray.

A Kruegerette.  They had these sexy ladies at the entrance of the park dancing and posing with the guests.  Unfortunately, this was the best shot I could get of them because of the crowds.

The Psycho House.  This unique haunt attraction was a lot of fun, I must admit.

A panoramic shot of the stage for the Bill and Ted Show.  I did some different types of pictures this time around.

Ray pays a visit to Mel's Diner from American Grafitti. 

Ray is going for a fry.  Why? Because it's Quality!

Because of the fry, Andrew had to administer CPR.

And Mouth to Mouth...

Ray was so upset about the whole thing that he decided to attack Francisco...

Then he told Ebony all about it. 

Marjorie goes for a pose with Ray. 
This maze was nothing short of insane and incredible.

That's all I have for this particular set.  Next up, Ray returns to Dallas and pays a visit to Star Trek Fan Days! That damn Dino really does get around!

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