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Random Bit of Awesomeness: Take That Ronald McDonald!

JediCole is back with more Awesomeness. And it’s time to give our friends down under their proper due! After considerable coverage of all things British and Monty Python (with a little more from our friends at the British Emporium coming soon), I wanted to share just a bit of something from Australia that was brought to my attention a few years ago.

This is a clip from a show called The Chasers War on Everything. The show itself really put me in the mind of a combination of Kids in the Hall and The Tom Green Show. I recommend seeking out more clips of this irreverent troupe, but this one seemed an ideal choice to get the unschooled their first exposure to some Aussie humor. A humor you will find translates well to these shores as it rails against the ubiquitous restaurant giant with the Golden Arches!


I would love to try this. If I only had the money to back it up.

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