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Moxley Manor Coverage Day 1

Hey Everybody, Rick here with another look at another local haunt, this time from our friends at Moxley Manor in Bedford Texas, just a stone's throw away from USG HQ here in Fort Worth. 

Myself and our Geek Chick Loran went in to experience this haunt and they are quite literally the new kids in the block as far as haunts go in the DFW area.  Very much like Zombie Manor, they are very dedicated to making sure the story comes through in every scene and that the scares are very effective.  However, that is where the similarities stop.  This is wholly different experience.  Yes, there are scares and they are very creative in that the actors come from seemingly nowhere and that is a wonderful element to this haunt.  The haunt is based on a true story and a unifying thread of narration is throughout and it works on several levels.

That being said, with a lot of local haunt competition, Moxley Manor has a lot to prove and I am confident that they will be rocking it out and making it a very successful season for themselves which is a good thing.  I can definitely see them getting bigger and better with every year that follows.  Thanks to Richard and the cast and crew of Moxley Manor for letting us check out the place and the fact that Loran offered a Wii to the creepy redneck kid to leave her alone ( and that she was cowering behind yours truly) is definitely testament to the fact that it scared her pretty good and that the talented cast of Moxley Manor did their job and did it well.  Oh, and this haunt made Loran and I run.  Loran currently has her foot in a cast.  I have never seen anyone run as fast as she did with a cast on!  Well done Moxley Manor!  We at the USG wish you guys the best of luck this haunt season and we fully expect to see you guys return in the years that follow!

Next up: Our Mascot and Moxley Manor's mascot hang out and get their pictures taken! 

Here is the commercial for Moxley Manor! 

Wonderful and terrifying. I have to thank our Fearless Leader for being my ghoul shield. I think I hit Mock 1 trying to get out of that door- cast and all.

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