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Get Out of the House! Special Edition: Star Trek Fan Days in Texas!

JediCole here.  Yes, I know we show a lot of love for the conventions in Texas.  But we can't all live in Florida, New York, or California now can we?  If we all lived in California the western portion would break off from all of the extra weight and the rest of the U.S., unburdoned by civilized man, would drift further east into the Atlantic.  So you see, there is a safety issue in providing additional coverage of conventions in Texas.  The more people we have here the less likely that the continent will shift too far to the left or too far to the right! 

But I did not come here for a lesson in tectonic shifts, I came here to update you our loyal readers on a HUGE event happening right here in the Lone Star State in less than a week!  Star Trek Fan Days!  Our friends at C2 Ventures are bringing us another great lineup for this show which will be held on Saturday, October 23 (11 AM - 6 PM) and Sunday, October 24 (11 AM - 4 PM) at the Plano Centre in Plano, TX!  Check out their website for full details!

Over the last few years October has been the month for Star Wars Fan Days in Plano but this year, due to C2's heavy involvment in Celebration V they decided to give something to the Star Trek fanbase for a change.  And they didn't mess around!  Check out this all-star guest list!

William Shatner!
Yes, the Shat himself will be at the show Saturday only, so don't miss out on this rare Texas appearance of the Captain himself (as well as Denny Crane, the dad who says $#*!, and that parnoid guy on a plane).

Christopher Lloyd!!
Shatner has been to conventions in Texas in the past but I have never heard of Christopher Lloyd appearing at any conventions, especially in this part of the country!  He too will be appearing Saturday only so that appears to be the best day to get at least the headlining guests' autographs.  When else can you hope to get an autograph from the man who brought us Jim, Kruge (his Star Trek connection), Doc Brown, and Judge Doom?

Jonathan Frakes
The Next Generation's Number One returns to Texas for another big show.  It has been some years since we have seen him attending one of these shows.  If you missed out before here is a second chance to meet him on Saturday and Sunday! 

Brent Spiner
Best known to Star Trek fans as Commander Data (and his brother Lore), this is a second chance to meet Mr. Spiner and get his autograph in Texas!  Again, it has been a while but reportedly he really loved attending shows in Texas!  I wonder if that lady from the "Spiner Fems" who was featured in Trekkies will show up to take 300 photos of him for her albums.  Hmmmmm.  In attendence Saturday and Sunday.

Michael Dorn
It will be an honor to have Michael Dorn back in Plano for another of these shows.  Like his fellow STTNG cast members he has made an appearance here in the past but that has been far too long ago!  And in the mean time he got to be President on Heroes, so that ain't half bad!  He will be in attendence both days.

Other Star Trek guests include Lawrence Montaigne (from Balance of Terror and Amok Time) and Bobby Clark (who portrayed the Gorn in Arena, among other Trek roles).

But wait!  There's more! (a.k.a. Non-Star Trek Guests)

Tom Felton
That nasty Draco Malfoy of the Harry Potter film francise.  Attending Saturday only.
Tia Carrere
The love interest in Wayne's World and now appearing in Warehouse 13.  Attending both days.
Tracy Scroggins
Of Babylon 5 fame as well as Star Trek Deep Space 9 and others.  Attending both days.
Herb Jefferson, Jr.
Boomer from the original Battlestar Galactica.


And don't forget to stop by the tables of JediCole and Mrs. JediCole to say hello!  Say "I wish I was Two-Face" and receive 10% off any purchases at our tables all weekend!  How else would we know you listen to the podcast and/or read these articles?  Don't forget! 

We hope to see you at Star Trek Fan Days!


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