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A Death in the Television Family

JediCole here with a reflection on the loss of not one but two icons of the television sitcom genere. And specifically of the subgenre of family sitcoms. In the course of just two days we have seen two stars of the comedic television pass away. So I want to extend the USG’s farewell to a pair of TV parents who we knew and loved for decades.

On Monday we lost June Cleaver herself, Barbara Billingsley at the age of 94. Often hailed as one of the nation’s favorite television moms, she will be sorely missed as a celebrity and television icon. Generations have been a part of the wholesome exploits of the Cleaver family making Leave it to Beaver one of the most successful shows of this type.

Then just today it was announced that another television parent familiar to us all had died. Tom Bosley, a.k.a. Howard “Mr. C” Cunningham of Happy Days succumbed to a staph infection and died. Bosley, who also enjoyed a dramatic television career in The Father Dowling Mysteries, made the often cranky Howard Cunningham a beloved television father figure. He was 83.

Since television has been such a major part of all of our lives here at the USG we would be remiss if we did not bid farewell to two of its more familiar players. Their work will live on for generations to come on episodic home video collections and nostalgic cable television networks.

Another bit of trivia on Mr. Bosley...He played Maurice, Belle's father in the original Broadway cast of Beauty and the Beast. Both of these icons will be missed

goodnight June, and Mr. C!

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