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USG EXCLUSIVE! The Not-Quite-So-Nefarious plan!

Hey Everybody, Rick here with a very special video that was made a couple of months back.  We did a monster make-up party at which I was subject to an experiment from the dementedly awesome mind of friend of the show, Misty.  She wanted to practice making a mold out of alginate, which is a common practice for effects artists.  I volunteered and the video below is footage culled from about three hours worth of dialogue, really bad jokes and a moment (which is not in the video thank goodness) where the "breathing device" gets pushed a little too far.  Needless to say it was accidental and I am okay.  Also unfortunately, the mold dried out entirely too quickly so I will need to have another one made.  You will notice our Geek Chick Krystle hanging out in the background watching the proceedings!

The footage was shot by Joe of X5 Entertainment, some very awesome friends of the show who will be collaborating with us on some future projects very soon!  Enjoy the video!


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