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Rick, Cole, and Krystle of the USG Take on the Caretaker of Zombie Manor and Survive!

Hey Everybody, Rick here with the third and final installment of our coverage of Zombie Manor.  Of the entire experience, I have to say that this was easily my favorite moment because we got to meet a guy who is genuinely in love with what he does.  He loves his people who work with him and he absolutely loves making an experience that will leave people both terrified and satisfied all at the same time.  I am absolutely thrilled to have Dean Jarnig, the Caretaker of Zombie Manor on the show and his passion for all he does shows through in this interview.  I can't thank the awesome people of Zombie Manor enough for the amazing access that we were granted.

And please don't forget that Zombie-Palooza is this weekend in Arlington!  Click here for more information!

Click here to spread the dead! (I mean, listen to the show!)

If you run a haunt in the DFW area, we want to hear from you!  Shoot me a note to and we'll set up a date to give you similar coverage.  We are very accommodating and will only show what you want us to show.  Until next time, Stay Geeky!

Please note: If you are looking for the interview on iTunes, you will find it under G.B.R.C. The Geeky Bureau of Rumor Control. This is where you will find all special edition episodes that will come out in the future!

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