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Random bit of Awesomeness: Zombies!

Hey Everybody, Rick here with a relatively planned bit of awesomeness, but then, nothing happens for a reason on this site so here is why I am posting this particular video today.  We are going to be debuting USG TV on Wednesday so here is the video of the event that started it all for a couple of us. You will see some familiar faces in this video, especially if you are from the DFW area and you are active in the zombie or haunt community.  Friends of the show Stephanie and Megan are in this video. (Megan is the zombie bride with the foot.)  Even our Geek Chick Krystle is in the video as another zombie bride.
The zombie walk was put up by some friends of the show, the geniuses from Moxley Manor.  They will hopefully be letting us do something similar with that particular haunt in near future.  More on that soon!

The other reason for posting this is to provide you guys the link to subscribe to the USG video page. Here is the link to that.  Our coverage of Zombie Manor begins tomorrow with the pictorial and Ray's visit to the haunt.  We then continue with USG TV on Wednesday and then on Thursday, our interview with Dean Jarnig will be up for listening!    That's it for now.  Enjoy the Zombie Walk footage that I took from Texas Frightmare weekend 2010. Stay Geeky!


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