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Random Bit of Awesomeness: Unfinished Disney

Hey everybody Rick here with a look at something that was posted on Ain't It Cool News on Monday.  The footage you will see below is an unfinished bit of animation called Plight of the Bumblebee.  Harry Knowles' hope is to get John Lasseter to get this little gem finished.  I have to agree.  It is a charmingly amusing piece of animation and would definitely be embraced by animation fans.  As a rule, I don't post Disney videos to the site but in this case, and in an effort to help Harry's plight to Mr. Lasseter, I will share this.  Keep in mind that what you will see is very rough, very unfinished, but it really is quite amusing, and if nothing else, it's a great way to see hand drawn animation at its most basic form.  Enjoy, and help get the word out to Mr. Lasseter to get this out and finished!

 Here is the original article with the open letter to Mr. Lasseter!



Disney had this removed.

Thanks for letting me know. It really was worth a look though. Shame they took it down.

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