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Monty Python Madness Coverage Day 3

Hey Everybody, Rick here with my final bit of coverage before next week's silly festivities.  The interview you will hear is myself, Mrs. JediCole, and Cole as we sit down and talk (almost) all things Python with the staff of the British Emporium in Grapevine TX!  A common thing that I have begun to find with the interviews that we have conducted for the site is the just absolute love and passion everyone displays for what they do.  The staff at the British Emporium are absolutely no exception and this passion led to what I feel is one of our most entertaining interviews where we not only talk about the Monty Python Madness festival but also about Geekdom in Great Britain.

We here at the United States of Geekdom would like to sincerely thank the Larry Groby, Sheela Kadam, and Alexandra Evans of the British Emporium once again for their time and this very entertaining and informative interview!  Thanks for doing your part in making the DFW area just a little geekier!

Click here to listen to the interview or find us in iTunes under G.B.R.C. for the Special Edition episodes! 

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