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Housekeeping Addendum (Or: Crap that Rick was Supposed to Mention but Failed to the First Go.)

Hey Everybody Rick here with some additional things to talk about that I should have brought up in  the monthly housekeeping.  Rather than hold it off until next month, these things definitely need to be talked about.

The Challenge: I challenged Cole to watch both Furry Vengeance and Cars, two movies that in hie "meant to see it" list.  Here is how you guys can help.  If we get 20 feedback from 20 different people, Cole has agreed to watch the terrible monstrosity that is Furry Vengeance.  Now here is the big challenge.  If we get 100 feedback total, Cole will be watching Cars.  He has not agreed to this because he thinks it is such a long shot that we will get 100 feedback on the site.  But if we hit that number (and I have faith in you guys) he will watch Cars and I will get reaction video of this.  So help me out and get writing!

The other thing is aimed at our new readers and listeners.  To you guys, welcome!  Here is where you can find the different podcast episodes that we put out on a regular basis.  For the main show, go to this link or you can find us on iTunes under United States of Geekdom.  For the minicasts (Collector Sector, and G.B.R.C.) and special editions, go to this other link or you can find that in iTunes under G.B.R.C. or Geeky Bureau of Rumor Control.

That's all I have.  Thank you for your support people!  Stay Geeky!     

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