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A Haiku Challenge: SHARKTOKU

Hey Everybody, Rick here with a challenge from our insane genius of a madman Andrew Farmer.  This Saturday night, 9/25/2010, SyFy channel premiers it's SyFy original movie SHARKTOPUS!  I will be posting the trailer below but here is what we want from you guys!  And this WILL count as feedback toward the Furry Vengeance/Cars Challenge!  We want a Haiku about Sharktopus.  Or a Haiku about the Sharktopus movie if you dare see it! (and why the heck not? It looks awesome!) Either way, send us the haiku to or post it on the site here on this page as a comment.  All submissions will be read!  Don't think this movie will be awesome? Check out the trailer, then watch SHARKTOPUS on Saturday night on SyFy channel! 


Tentacles and teeth
Navy's rogue killing machine
Beware Sharktopus!

Damn you Sharktopus!
Attacks at sea and on land
Hey wait, where's my leg?

Dear Dr. Moreau
My creation brings The End
Why did I play God?

It’s cold—and I wait

For sharktopuss to meet me

bite, stab.. now I die

I love Sharktopus
Two monsters in one creature
he will destroy all

Greatest of both worlds
United he shall conquer
half shark, half mollusc

he dances lithely
seduction under the moon
oh no, my arms gone!

Being me when I got wind of Andrew's challenge I could not leave well enough alone. I had to create three haiku immediatly. And no, Rick, this post does not count toward the Furry Cars thing. Nor does yours!

Eight legs and sharp teeth
Gets you coming and going
Need a bigger boat!

Hey Peter Benchley!
Your shark has nothing on this!
Sharktopus kicks ass!

SyFy Sharktopus
Eric Roberts gets some work
JediCole happy

Creature of the deep
Men are not meant to be here!
Sharp and squishy death

Man's undoing strikes,
with eight arms, three-thousand teeth.
Silence once again.

Sharktopus many teeth
Arm wielding maniac death
I will name him fluffy

Man made, teeth of steel.
Run for cover, hide, for real!
Die, teenyboppers!
Genius fantasy.
Kicking ass, and taking names.
Every geek's dream. Sweet!

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