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Get Out of the House! The USG Convention Showcase (November Edition)

JediCole here with the latest edition of Get Out of the House! It is my hope that this aspect of my ongoing Convention Awareness Project will aid our readers in keeping abreast of convention activities both in their home states as well as others. To date I have not found a single other website that brings every one of the conventions you find listed here together in one place. That may be in no small part due to my own passion for the convention scene here in Texas as well as nationally. Not content to wait for convention promoters to send me the info about their show I actively seek it out and post it all here for you! Comic, sci-fi, anime, toy, furry, gaming, fantasy, and pretty much any kind of geeky cons I can find are here!

And this old dog learned a new trick! From this edition forward you will notice that the web addresses no longer follow the names of the conventions. This is because the names of the conventions ARE the links to the websites! So this should appear a little more concise in the future.

And while we are talking conventions, if you are attending any of these shows we would love to hear from you. Please send us your pictures, your Tales From the Con, or pretty much anything that you wish to share about your convention going experiences.

11/12-14; Tucson, AZ; TusCon 37

11/20-21; Bentonville, AR; Arkansas Anime Festival

11/5-7; Los Angeles, CA; Farscape Farewell
11/26-28; Los Angeles, CA; Loscon 37
11/26-18; San Jose, CA; SorcererCon

11/5-7; Tampa, FL; ShadoCon
11/7; Largo, FL; Tampa Bay Comic Con

11/13; Valdosta, GA; Kaji-Con

11/13-14; Honolulu, HI; HEXXP-Con

11/12-14; Lombard, IL; WindyCon 37
11/21; Springfield, IL; Springfield ComicCon (no website found)
11/14; Rock Island, IL; Quad Cities Planet Comic Book and Arts Convention (no website found)
11/26-28; Lombard, IL; Chicago Tardis 2010
11/26-28; Irbana, IL; ChambanaCon #40

11/6; South Bend, IN; South Bend ComicCon (no website found)
11/19-21; Bloomington, IN; Dark Carnival Film Festival
11/26-28; Indianapolis, IN; Starbase Indy

11/5-7; Cedar Rapids, IA; ICON 35
11/13; Altoona, IL; Coimic Book I-Con

11/5-7; Fort Mitchell, KY; Sugoicon 2010
11/5-7; Lexington, KY; ScareFest

11/4-6; Gretna, LA; CONtraflow
11/10-13; Baton Rouge, LA; FANDEMONIUM

11/14; Laurel, MD; C.H.U.D. Comic Book Show
11/26-28; Timonium, MD; Darkover Grand Council 33

11/6-7; Easthampton, MA; New England Webcomics Weekend
11/12-14; Boston, MA; New England Fan Experience
11/20-21; Boston, MA; Boston Super Megafest
11/20-21; Woburn, MA; Wonderful Woburn Warehouse Show
11/21; Boston, MA; North East Comic-Con

11/12-14; Ann Arbor, MI; U-con

11/12-15; Kansas City, MO; Contraception 21

11/5-7; Omaha, NB; AnimeNebrasKon

11/6; Las Vegas, NV; Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival

New Jersey
11/6; Bordentown, NJ; Pulp AdventureCon
11/7; Wayne, NJ; The Wayne Toy, Sports, and Collectibles Show (no website found)
11/14; Clifton, NJ; Clifton NJ Comic Book Show
11/19-21; Cherry Hill, NJ; Philcon 2010
11/28; East Hanover, NJ; East Hanover NJ Comic Book Show

New York
11/6; Newburgh, NY, COLLECTORFEST

North Carolina
11/12-14; High Point, NC; MACE
11/13-14; Morrisville, NC; NC Comicon

11/6-7; Columbus, OH; Mid-Ohio-Con 2010

11/12-14; Midwest City, OK; Izumi Con

12-14; Portland, OR; OryCon 32

11/5-7; O'Hara Township, PA; KuroKiro Festival 2010
11/14; Pittsburg, PA: Pittsburg Comic and Collectibles Show

11/5-6; Memphis, TN; Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention

11/5-7; Plano, TX; SoniCon 2010
11/12-14; Round Rock, TX; Millenniumcon 12+1
11/12/-14; Austin, TX; Austin Comic Con
11/13-14; Dallas, TX; Creation Twilight

11/5-7; Fairlee, VT; Carnage the 13th

11/5-7; Hampton Roads, VA; Nekocon 13
11/12-14; Arlington, VA; Anime USA
11/20-21; Richmond, VA; VA Comicon

11/6; Ferndale, WA; Bellingham Comicon
11/19-21; Seattle, WA; Steamcon

11/5-7; Madison, WI; TeslaCon
11/12-14; Siren, WI; Omegacon
11/20; Milwaukee, WI; Milwaukee Comic Book Convention (no website found)

hehehehe...yes finalizing a list like this will never happen! We listed over 400 game conventions when we thought we had them all this summer, and somehow have managed to find 10-20 more every month since then! If you are looking for a list of gaming conventions (or geek cons that include gaming) we are fast coming up on 500 worldwide conventions listed at Game Convention Central.

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