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The Furry Cars Challege

Hey Everybody, Rick here with a challenge to you listeners and fans of the site and show! 

We are in need of some feedback from you guys.  Sure, we hear that the show is great from you guys and we hear that you love us all the time.  That's on Facebook though.  Don't get me wrong, I love interacting with you guys on Facebook and I never want that to stop.  However, here's where you come in.  

We want feedback that is other than Facebook.  If you have listened to some of the earlier episodes, we have made the plea for feedback on the site and on the iTunes page in addition to e-mail responses.  Well, Cole and Andy have agreed to this challenge and I want you guys to rock this out and help us and in return we'll have something great!  

Here are the rules...

1. If we hit 20 bits of feedback from 20 different people, both Cole and Andy will sit down and watch Furry Vengeance.  

2. If we hit 100 bits of feedback total, Cole and Andy will watch Cars.  A movie that is loved by many, but absolutely and unjustifiably despised by both of them! 

3. Why it is not the other way around, I have no idea.  I would rather be tied to a chair, Clockwork Orange style with my eyes being pried open and made to watch Cars over Furry Vengeance any day.  

4.  I should know!  I have seen Furry Vengeance!  It was terrible!  

5. Feedback can be sent to the USG site at, to the iTunes page, or e-mail at  

6.  If the feedback is sent to the e-mail address, the tagline must say "Make them see Cars!" 

7. Facebook feedback does not count.  It's too easy.  We want feedback that counts huge!  If we get iTunes feedback, that would be absolutely awesome! 

8.  If the feedback is on the site, anything after today from anyone except for USG cast and the Geek Chicks will count! (That's not to say we won't post responses to you guys, it just won't be counted!)

That's it!  Get that feedback in!  I assure you, we will have some kind of proof that they did in fact see the movies. 


cars is a great movie..furry vengeance, to honest havent seen it and didnt look to good from trailers. But Cars is great.. from the chick car's tramp stamp to Mater's best line " I'm happier than a tornado in a trailer park!" the Tommy Chong inspired VW Bus..ya plot is kiddish but all in all worth watching.. anyways my little contribution to a great group of people.

I would totally love to see a video similar to the nostalgia critic of some horrible modern movies such as those (cars excluded bc I didn't particularly mind it). It would be great!

Cars is a fantastic movie! I haven't seen Furry Vengeance and definitely don't plan to. It's looked stupid since the first trailer I saw.

Rick here: @Ben: Trust, me, it's beyond stupid. Stupid doesn't begin to cover how just vapid Furry Vengeance is.

@Donny:I can probably arrange that. Problem is that I would have to see it again and I don't think I can handle Fraser in tight pink sweat pants that say "Yum Yum" on his butt. It's one of those things that haunts my dreams.

@Tyler: The VW Bus was voiced by George Carlin who was known for his hippy humor back in the 60s and 70s. It was a natural that he be in the movie. The sequel I am hoping will have Tommy Chong replacing him since Chech Marin is already a character in the movies.

Rick here: @ Kenneth: I will accept that, sure. It's not an online course. We don't require substantive posts of 200 words or more.

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