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Collector Sector for 9/26/10 to 10/02/10

Welcome to the United States of Geekdom Collector Sector. The Collector Sector is our weekly minicast where we discuss the comic book, collectible, and DVD/Blu Ray releases for the week. You give us fifteen to twenty minutes, we give you what any self respecting geek should have in their collection! We are joined by our friend of the show Dustin and we also give a shout out to the newest movie podcast on the block, The Midnight Movie Cowboys.  You can find their podcast here.  This episode of the USG Collector Sector discusses the releases for the week of 09/26/2010 to 10/02/2010! 

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I think I know what the Black Panther reference is on Iron Man 2. At the very end, when Stark is talking to Fury about recruitment, there is a map behind them. On this map there are dots in various places. One of them is in Africa, probably Wakanda. Other dots include: Southern California (Iron Man), New Mexico (Thor), the Arctic Ocean (Captain America), New York (not sure, maybe Hank Pym), Norway (maybe linked to Thor), and the South Atlantic (again not sure).

I will have to look at the map again to properly say for sure. I was staring at the spot for Wakanda the entire time. There is a neat little feature on the Blu Ray that gives you data from S.H.I.E.L.D. and helps tie things in a little better. The first three are dead on, Ben. New York might imply the Avengers future base or even the surge of superheroes in that city in general. Norway might be perhaps Loki, who obviously has ties to Thor and the creation of the Avengers. South Atlantic...NAMOR! That is a Namor reference!

If they made a Namor movie, I might just die of happiness.

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