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Ray on the Move Again! Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

Hey Everybody, Rick here with the continuing adventures of Ray the Travelling Dino!  Our beloved mascot does get around and this time, he decided to tag along with us as we paid a visit to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.  This place is a lot of fun for kids and adults and we had a great time finding new and funny places for Ray to end up.  Special thanks to my wife Molly for some of the more inspired pictures in this set.    Ready? Here we go!

Ray and Oliver check out the dinosaur that is outside the museum.

Ray is checking out the height of the real dinosaur in the museum.  I quite like this picture.

Ray sees fossil...

Ray conquers fossil.

Ray standing in the footsteps of his dinosaur bretheren.

Ray learns about Dinosaur bones.

Ray on a bridge...

Ray was quite happy to see something to his scale for a change!

Ray firing a water cannon!  This was a hard shot to set up. The result is very much to my liking.

Ray is in this shot.  You really have to look though.

Ray plays the drums! 

Ray attempts to work one of Da Vinci's gadgets. 

It does not work out as well as it should...

Molly built this bridge and we were terrified that it was going to collapse as soon as we stood it up but we were wrong.  I was so certain about Molly's craftmanship that I put Ray on the bridge and incredibly enough, it stayed standing even after I took Ray off!

Molly kissing Ray while Oliver is more interested in the toy he is not going to be bought to even look up and pose for the picture.  I do believe that Molly is quite sweet on Ray. 

For more information on the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, please be sure to check out this link.

Next up, Ray pays a visit to the Fort Worth Cats Minor League Baseball team!     


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