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Ray at the USG Meet!

Hey Everybody, Rick here furiously cutting Episode 7 of the USG but whil do that , I fogured I would post the pics from last night's USG meet. I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank all who were able to not only make it out to the meet, but also go see Scott Pilgrim with us.  We had a blast with you guys and this is exactly what the benefits of having a great geeky community entails for me.  Let's definitely do this again soon! We shall return, and in (hopefully) greater numbers!

 Here we have our new friend of the show Stephanie and she's posing here with Ray.  She is with Zombie Manor in Arlington which is a local haunt to the area. You can find more information on Zombie Manor here at this link.
 Stephanie's husband Joe.  A cool pose for a cool guy and a cool dino.

I think what I love the most about introducing Ray to the mix of things is the willingness of the subjects of the pictures to do some truly awesomely funny stuff.  Like our friend Brandon here.  He asked me if it was okay to do a chestburster thing with Ray and when I said it was totally cool, it was his opportunity to go nuts with the idea.  You can visit his site at this link.
 Here is Brandon's awesome wife Aimee posing with Ray.  Perhaps a bad influence on our beloved mascot? Or did the dino make her do it? You decide.
Cole going for his second pose with Ray.  He decided to go a sophisticate look this time around after the last picture was creepy.
Here's our very own Mrs. JediCole finally getting a picture with Ray!  I do believe that Ray is trying to put the moves on her here.
And finally, for his final picture with Ray, (for now) our listener Dustin and his multicolored dino buddy sharing a drink.

We will be doing another one of these USG meets in December when we get together to go see Tron Legacy and do dinner someplace fun!  More information on that soon!  Stay Geeky!

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