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Housekeeping For August 2010

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Hey Everybody, Rick here with some much needed Housekeeping for the month of August.  July was a banner month for the USG. We got not one but three new writers to the site, most of whom have contributed some fantastic new articles to us and it is most definitely appreciated.  We also have put out some new content in terms of the podcast with our two most recent episodes, and our regular feature The Collector Sector.  We introduced a new minicast, The G.B.R.C. (Geeky Bureau of Rumor Control) which will be monthly and we talk about geeky news, rumors and generally goof off in typical USG fashion. 

Here is the link for the main podcast.

Here is the link to Collector Sector and G.B.R.C.

Ray the Dinosaur has begun making his rounds and I have a fantastic new series of pictures coming very soon with Ray as he makes his first ever trip to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. 

And finally, we have our first USG meet and greet coming up a week from today.  It is at Colter's BBQ in Arlington TX, off of I-30 and Collins. Be there next week at 5 p.m. and be prepared for some great fun, food, and general USG insanity.  Unfortunately Andy will not be attending as he lives in Ohio and is not local to us.  Following dinner,m we will be going to a movie theater to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, which promises to be a geeky fun time. 

Otherwise, that is about it as far as housekeeping.  Stay tuned to USG for all your geeky articles and the bi-weekly podcast!  Thanks for listening!  Stay Geeky!

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