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Get Out of the House! Convention Spotlight: DFW, TX in August

JediCole here with a special focused look at a couple of conventions coming up in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area in August. And I will be in attendence at both! So if you are one of our listeners or readers and you can attend one or both of these great shows, please drop by and say hello. If you are not able to attend, be sure to get out and be a part of some of the hundreds of conventions held all year long all over the country! We will have full coverage of both of these shows within a few days after they have come and gone so you can enjoy some of our con experience!

The first of the upcoming shows is the second Dallas Web Comic Expo (DWEX!) on Saturday, August 21, 2010. This convention which focuses on the creators of many popular web-based comics and their work, will be held at the Southfork Hotel in Plano, TX. Show hours are from 11 AM to 6 PM and admission is just $5.00 (free for children 7 and under). This is a great opportunity to meet a lot of really dedicated creators who have found their niche online as well as several published artists who reside in the area.

As a special treat I will be producing two shows of Finish It! Finish It!, one of which will be in the spirit of web comics. We are also working up a round of the USG's own Comic Trivia Challenge to be hosted by own founder Rick! And they have a really great guest list for this show which will be outlined below. Be sure to visit their website for details:

A mere one week later the latest Dallas Comic Con will be held in nearby (to Plano) Richardson, TX at the Richardson Civic Center. This show has two big days chock full of comic and media guests brought to us by the folks who have been producing comic/media shows in this area longer than anyone else except A-Kon. But then I am talking non-anime shows here. Saturday, August 28 from 11 AM til 6 PM and Sunday, August 29 from 12 PM - 4 PM. This show features a sizeable dealer's room (where you can find your's truly selling his wares). I am working on seeing if we can produce Finish It! at this show as well, but as yet I've not had confirmation. If you think of it, write to them and tell them how much you want this production at this convention.

From comic creators of yesteryear to those of today you can meet some incredible folks who have had their work showcased by a variety of publishers large and small. Many returning favorites are joined by some guests who have never appeared at shows in this part of the country. And for those who want more than just comic creators this show delivers. They always bring a good mix of media guests allowing a great opportunity to meet and get autographs from many movie and television talents! Vist the website for further details:

And now...the guest line-ups! Why put them down here? Why to save you having to read through the whole list of one show to get to the description of the other. And to make sure you are serious about these shows. I can't stress enough that you should support your local fandom shows or there will be none. It is really that simple. Now you can take a glimpse at who is appearing at these great shows!

Dallas Web Comic Expo
James O'Barr (The Crow)
Jonathan Caustrita (Tiki Coladas)*
Michael Moreno (Ted & Zed; Death by Bunny)
Thomas Overbeck (Times Like This)
Joel Watson (Hyjinks Ensue)
Randal Milholland (Something*Positive)
Kit Lively (Mad Magazine)
Halo Seraphim (Pipoca Bizarre)
Don Cook (Deranged Comics)
Chris Jeffery (Cartridge)
Tim Engstrom (Legendary Boys of Floyd)
David McGuire (GastroPhobia)
Rebecca Hicks (Little Vampires)
Vickie Boutwell (Gelotology, Used Books)
Barry Buchanan (Don't Feed the Geek)
Drew Edwards (Halloween Man)
Fer Galicia (Wayne & Toby; Ferah 11)
Amanda Harpold & Jessica Riojas (Salt the Holly; But Not Really)
MC Miller & Jen Hernandez (Butter Sword)
Will Rodriguez (Mangled Stare)
Austin Rogers (Redbeard Comics)
Talthos & Silkspinner (Complex Actions)
Keith Taylor (The Devon Legacy)
Samantha Wikan (Life's a Witch)
David Wilborn (Urban Jungle)
Brandi Buckingham (Mortifer)
Joshua Boulet (
Corance Davis (Ghostwerks Comics)
Brad Diller (Funday Morning)
Pembroke W. Korgi (Femmegasm)
Frederic Moseley Jr. (Fred Selfish)
Cyrus Mortizavi (Off Campus)
Lucas & Meranda Puryear (TW2 Creations)
Chris Sweet (A Hidden Little Door)
Phil Vecchio & Brendan Creecy (Brax the Alien Rocker; Kids With Gas Eat Free)

Dallas Comic Con

Comic Guests
Kieth Pollard (Amazing Spider-Man; Fantastic Four; Vigilante; etc.)
Adam Warren (Dirty Pair; Empowered; etc.)
Angel Medina (Spawn; Sam & Twitch; The Incredible Hulk; etc.)
Mark Brooks (Amazing Spider-Man; Cloak & Dagger; etc.)
Pat Broderick (Batman; Captain Marvel; etc.)
June Brigman (Power Pack; Alpha Flight; etc.)
Roy Richardson (Captain America; Solo Avengers; etc.)
Kerry Gammill (Uncanny X-Men; Superman; etc.)
Kez Wilson (Hammerlocke; Power of the Atom; etc.)
Ben Dunn (Ninja High School; Warrior Nun Areala; etc.)
James O'Barr (The Crow)
Josh Howard (Dead@17)
Joe Eisma (Dummy's Guide to Danger)
Steve Erwin (Deathstroke the Terminator)
John Lucas (Civil War)
Brian Denham (Iron Man)
Andrew Mangum (Doom Patrol)
David Hopkins (Jam!)
Brent Peeples (Grimm Fairy Tales)*
Evan Bryce (Image Comics)
Cal Slayton (Shades of Blue)*
Richard Dominguez (El Gato Negro)
Lawrence Reynolds (Iron Man 2 trading cards)
Katrina HIll (G4's Woman of the Web)
The Variants
Comic Book Divas
Jeff Blake (Zombies vs. Cheerleaders)
Taylor Lymbery (Xenex)
Ron Payne (The Unstopable Force)
Jordon Taylor (The Unstopable Force)
Robert James Luedke (Eye Witness)

*Former participating artist in Finsh It! Finish It!

Media Guests
Mike Edmonds (Logray in Return of the Jedi)
Alan Harris (Bossk in The Empire Strikes Back)

More media guests are to be announced. Sadly Temura (Jango Fett) Morison and Dave (Darth Vader) Prowse have had to postpone for a later show due to conflicts. Bummer! Temura Morison was a dynamite guest several years ago and I was looking forward to his return.

The fact that Morrison is playing Abin Sur in the Green Lantern movie might have been part of the reason he had to delay.

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