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A Challenge for Our Fans

Just in case you have not yet listened to this week's Collector's Sector (and you really should if you have not) then you are not aware of the challenge I put forth to our listeners and indeed the rest of the nation. If not the world! But first a little background...

Some years back my good friend Russell had customized a vinyl figure of Dick Tracey (from the Warren Beaty movie) to create Batman's nemesis Two-Face. He had it on display at his table at a local flea market one weekend when two guys happened to be looking at it rather closely. One inquired of the other, "Who is that?" to which the reply was, "Why that's Two-Face." After a moment of pause the first man said, in a rather matter of fact way, "I wish I was Two-Face."

In telling this story on the podcast recording I was struck wiht an idea. Why not try to get that phrase into the vernacular? How hard could it be really? All trends start with popularizing something, in this case a phrase. So I am starting an active campaign to get people to use the phrase, "I wish I was Two-Face" whenever possible. From salutations to non-sequeters and everything inbetween. Find a unique new way to use the phrase in conversation, sign off your emails to friends with the phrase, or use it as a unique term of endearment. The possibilities are endless! Let's all do our part to pay tribute to Bob Kane and Bill Finger's dichotomatic creation as well as to that lone pioneer of this phrase so many years hence.

I wish I was Two-Face,

I wish I was Two-Face -- the comic one though, 'cause I want to look like half a Skrull.

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