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The Travelling Dinosaur!

Hey Everybody, Rick here with a new feature that I hope will be a fun little thing to do for the site. 

So we recorded the  Ray Harryhausen Tribute Episode (Which is already out!  Find it here!) and while we were discussing all things stop motion animation, I happened to be painting this dopey looking wooden dinosaur that the wife had bought for me from a craft and hobby store.  My reasoning was that we were talking about Harryhausen's work, so I might as well be painting a wooden dino.

The finished product was a combination of the three colors that were included in the kit for the dinosaur and, being that my model painting skills are not all that great, the result didn't turn out half bad.  But then I began to think, what exactly could I do with this dino?

Inspiration struck me in the most unusual way.  You know the Travelocity commercials with the lawn gnome? Well, my plan is to take this little guy everywhere I go and get pictures of him in any and every situation I can think of doing!  What's his name?   Being that we were talking about Ray Harryhausen while I was painting him, his name is Ray.  Expect to see much more of Ray the Travellin' Dino on the site!


Ray must certainly go to California!

Every time we go to California, or anywhere else for the matter, Ray will be stowing away. That is guaranteed!

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