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Rick's Review of Inception!

Christopher Nolan needs to make more movies. I am not even kidding.  I will be brief with my review of Inception because to even discuss vaguely what its about would be spoiling the movie for you.  This is a movie that begs, no, screams to be experienced and then discussed at great length with other people who have seen the movie.  This is the reason that movies are made folks.  Movies that tell an original story and yet give you enough familiar twists and turns in very unfamiliar and unexpected ways.  Inception is a work of an insane genius.  The same genius that brought us Memento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Prestige, and The Dark Knight.  That being said, I believe with Inception, Christopher Nolan has successfully surpassed every single one of his previous movies.

The pacing, the directing, the cinematography, the story, the acting; all of these elements are integral to a movie in making it truly exceptional.  Inception succeeds on all these levels and more.   The acting especially is incredible.  Without the cast that this movie has, I am convinced that it just would not have worked at all.  Leonardo DiCaprio is excellent in his role, as is Ellen Page and their relationship in the movie works because of these two actors.  Ken Watanabe, Michael Caine and Cillian Murphy all make a welcome return to another Nolan film and they are all excellent.  Marion Cotillard is incredible as well.  But the movie belongs to a performance that I was quite surprised to see in the movie and enjoy for all its nuance.  That performance was that of Joseph Gordon Levitt.  The same dude who played Cobra Commander in  last year's G.I.Joe.  This dude nailed this movie.  I absolutely loved his performance in this movie and I have no doubt that this guy will be in the next Batman film.  I guarantee it. I will be surprised if the opposite is true.

I don't want to get into specifics about the story because that would be spoiling every delicious surprise that this movie has in store.  All I am going to say is that the movie unfolds like a tapestry and feeds you information when you need it.  The questions you may have are answered little by little.  This is a masterstroke for Nolan in terms of storytelling and filmmaking in general.  I can't wait to see what Nolan has in store for us with the next Batman film.  If Inception is any indicator, the next Batman is going to be insane. 

So, how great is Inception? Let me put it like this: Said friend of the show and listener Dustin as we were exiting the theater: "Only Nolan can keep me on the edge of my seat with 45 minutes of a van falling off a bridge in slow motion!"  I am inclined to agree and those 45 minutes (and the rest of the movie for that matter) are nothing short of cinematic perfection.  Highest possible recommendation!

Final Verdict: 5 out of 5!

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