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Meant to See it Rebuttal: Jason X

Wow.  How can I dispute the badness of this movie? I will be flat out honest here.  I can't.  Jason X is easily one of the worst films I have seen in a long time.  However, this is a movie that, instead of attempting to apologize for how bad it is, actually basks in the glorious crappiness that is Jason X.  That being said, this is truly a guilty pleasure film, as are almost all of the Friday the 13th films, post part 2.

Okay so Jason has been captured, and is being held in chains by the U.S. government because they want to research his regenerative properties and explore just why this bastard has never died despite the amount of punishment that Jason has received over the years.  It should be noted that the government stooge is played by director David Cronenberg, I am guessing because he is a fan of the series and who would say no to Mr. Cronenberg? Just saying.  Jason escapes, and he and a potential victim end up getting cryogenically frozen and wind up in the future where Earth is now a wasteland and an excavation team from a spaceship end up finding Jason and the girl and bringing them on board.  Well, I do believe you know what happens next.  Jason wakes up, decides to kill everyone on the ship and all hell breaks loose.  Jason dies this time around by burning up in re-entry.....OR DOES HE?!?

Again, I fully acknowledge that this movie is absolutely horrendous but damned I be if it isn't an absolute hoot to see Jason Voorhees kick some ass the only way that he know killing everyone and everything in sight.  There is one kill that is pretty creative in this one.  A girl gets her head frozen in liquid nitrogen and then smashed into pieces.  Also, Jason gets blown up into tiny chunks and then gets rebuilt with nanobots and becomes UBER JASON!  Seriously, this movie can't get any more implausible.  Oh wait, it can.  There is an android character played by Lisa Ryder from the old Andromeda series.  She was built to be a sex toy for one of the other characters.  Yeah.  Then she gets reprogrammed to be a badass fighting machine that has one great scene where she fights Jason.

I will put it bluntly.  Jason X is one of the worst of the series.  It was basically greenlit by the studio because Freddy Vs. Jason was languishing in development hell and Sean Cunningham, the producer was desperate to get something, anything featuring Jason out into theaters.  Also, this is the final appearance of fan favorite Kane Hodder as Jason.  The next one to play Jason would be Ken Kirzinger in Freddy vs. Jason followed by another fan favorite Derek Mears in the reboot of the series.  That being said, the comedy value in Jason X is excellent and would make for a great evening of friends getting together and making fun of the movie from beginning to end.


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