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Lack of Comicon Coverage No Mistake

Hey Everyone Rick here, I know we haven't been saying anything about Comicon on the site at all.  In fact, I am inclined to say thayt this is the first article about Comicon that we have had in general!  There is a reason for that and a damn good one for that matter.  We are not covering Comicon because we are not there to cover it live.  There are too many other sites that ARE on site as I write this and they are doing a fine job of covering it as things happen.  Were we to cover it for the site without any of us being there, that would be a huge injustice to ourselves and to you the readers, and we would get lost in the shuffle of things. 

That being said, I am quite happy to announce that as a reward to myself for finishing school next year, I will be going to San Diego next year personally and covering Comicon in our own unique fashion.  There is the possibility that Cole and Catherine and maybe even Andy will be going as well!  I will say this, I won't be attending Comicon on that Saturday unless there is something truly insanely worthwhile for me to be there.  (Like actual footage for Avengers!)  However, I will be there the rest of the days covering the hell out of things for the site and maybe een getting to meet some famous peeps in the process.  I think it is safe to say that my jealousy for those who got to attend is not as much this year as it has been in previous years because I know I will be going next year.  I can hold out.  I will hold out until next year...I must..... 

Stay Geeky!   

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