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JediCole's Recommended Reading: Special Edition

Welcome to a Special Edition of JediCole's Recommended Reading. Why this edition out of sequence with the rest? Well in this case it is a tie-in with the latest episode of The United States of Geekdom in which we discuss the life and career of famed cinema animator Ray Harryhausen. So what better opportunity to recommend a favorite book from my own library that focuses on the career of the father of Dyna-Mation?

Ray Harryhausen: An Animated Life (Ray Harryhausen and Tony Dalton, Billboard Books, 2004)

If our podcast focusing on the stop-motion animation master Ray Harryhausen has left you wanting more then I can't recommend this book more! Available in both hardcover and softcover editions, this massive tome meticulously presents Harryhausen's long and successful career. And in his own words! It presents a unique insight into the inspirations, the training, and the patient craft that defined the artist and animator.

Filled to brimming with photographs, both production stills and actual candid photos of Harryhausen at work, this is a treasure trove of imagery that spans decades of animation work. There is simply no more in-depth exploration of Ray Harryhausen available. Learn far more about the man and his career than we could ever have covered in three dozen episodes of USG! I bought a copy of the hardcover edition back when it was released, but the more economical paperback is equally good.

And be sure to listen to the Ray Harryhausen episode of the show as your relax and enjoy this incredible book!


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