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An Introduction

When you tell someone that you love movies and want to devote your life to them in some way, the inevitable question get asked, “What’s your favorite movie of all time?” Most people who are hardcore about these types of things have a problem choosing just one. So I figured I would use my first post as a way of explaining my favorite film and the history of my viewing it, which sort of sums up me as a viewer and will give you a clear idea of who I am and where I’m coming from.

Just about as far back as I can remember I loved movies. I have very clear memories of going to the theatre all the time growing up. Everyone at my school lived in the neighborhood where the school was and could always walk to each other's houses. I lived about ten minutes away and didn’t have the luxury of spending everyday with all my friends. The neighborhood I lived in was about a five minute walk away from a dollar movie theatre and a Blockbuster. So while a lot of my friends were out playing basketball and football, I spent a lot of afternoons watching movies.

I was 8 and 10 when I was going to see stuff like True Lies and Rumble In The Bronx and The Rock in that dollar theatre. I had a pretty hardcore love of action cinema from a really young age. My mom never really cared what I watched largely because she didn’t really follow it and didn’t know much about the stuff I was seeing., so I mostly had free range to watch whatever I pleased.

Then, in 1997, I was 11. Jackie Brown was coming out and everything I was reading about it kept mentioning Pulp Fiction. I had never heard of it but the stuff I was reading about it sounded like it would be something I was interested in seeing. So I went to my mom at Blockbuster and said I wanted to rent it and she said absolutely not. Why, of all the movies I had seen, was she rejecting this one? It turns out her husband at the time had rented it when it first came out and the only scene she saw was when Ving Rhames is getting raped by Zed. That was enough for her.

So my small desire to see the movie instantly got cranked up just out of her refusal to let me see it. I’m pretty sure I begged her for a straight year before she eventually gave in. It never played on HBO and there wasn’t really any other way for me to sneak it. But one day, out of the blue, we were there in Blockbuster and I made some sarcastic comment about it, then she gave in. I don’t know why or any of that but I didn’t really care.

I got in my bed and threw it in the VHS player and watched. My mind was blown. I just had never seen anything like it. It was the characters, the dialogue, the structure, everything about it seemed new to me. I needed more. It turned me on to independent cinema at the time in a huge way. I went out and rented Reservoir Dogs and Clerks and Swingers and the movies those movies made reference to. The independent films led to the foreign films and then to the classic older films. I needed more than gunfights and tough guys.

Would I have gotten to these things eventually? Probably. But watching Pulp Fiction for the first time really opened my eyes to everything that was possible with film. I realized how I could learn about other cultures and other ways of life. I could learn about history and let filmmakers shape my views on the world. I loved film before but afterwards I needed it to breathe. That may sound corny but it really feels like that sometimes.

So whenever someone asks me what my favorite film is, I tell them Pulp Fiction. I don’t think it’s the greatest film ever made and I actually think Tarantino has grown a lot since that film, but I keep it at number one out of respect.

I hope you guys like whatever it is I end up contributing to the website. I want to post new stuff fairly often and try to spend as much time discussing the older films as the new films. I want to do reviews of the new stuff whenever I see something that’s worth talking about and I’m also going to try and run a few different columns that focus on older stuff. I hope everyone likes it and leaves a comment on stuff they agree with and especially stuff you don’t. I look forward to the conversation and I’ll hopefully have the start of one of those columns up very soon.


USG Fearless Leader Rick here and let me be the first to welcome you to the USG Phil! We hope you survive the experience!

In response to your article, my all time favorite movie is Raiders of the Lost Ark. Pulp Fiction was life changing for me as well but Raiders if my all time favorite because in my mind, it is the perfect movie. A great balance of humor, story, action, and rarely a dull moment throughout.

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