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Guest Review: Shortbus Ninja Takes on The Last Airbender!

Hey Everybody Rick here with a guest review from a friend of the show and a longtime friend of mine, the Shortbus Ninja.  He will be reviewing one of the biggest films of the summer, The Last Airbender. SBN is a huge fan of the show and is coming in with the unique perspective of someone who knows the show and the characters, situations and storylines presented therein. I will be getting in my review with the unique perspective of a casual fan of the show as I have only seen about six episodes at this posting.
So without further ado, here is Shortbus Ninja's review of The Last Airbender.

The excitement builds... movie starts... First fail... can't get the basics right. It was obvious they hadn't even seen the Anime. (Yes it is even if Nickelodeon did it.) The names were all effed up. I let the way they find Aang and the fact that Appa pass.
Then it happened. So bad you can't look at it anymore. Iroh is a skinny guy with dreadlocks. Zuko is a philosophically bad person. Anger drives Zuko in the series along with the want to find the avatar. Hell they give a test to Aang to find out he IS the avatar. The entire Fire nation is Bollywood.  Earth kingdom is all destitute b rated martial artists. The way they made the Earth kingdom look was    unbearable. Hell even Momo wasn't worth it. The avatar state was done incredibly wrong.

The acting was horrible.I have sat through some bad movies. Hell, American Godzilla was better.... I would sit through the entire Twilight series with my mouth shut. 

Mind you coming from me and my opinion of that series speaks volumes. I was going to take my son but even he would look over and say "Daddy, thats not Avatar." 

There have been some major let downs in movie history where you are left short. At least when you look at down the road you get it and can watch it. 

Last Airbender the movie.... So bad that you can go for free and need to get money back. Don't bother. Especially if you are a fan of the series. I hope and I really me I HOPE they redo the first in the series and start over.

Ouch.   I have heard some really bad things about this movie but keep in mind that this is from a fan of the show.  I will have my review up as soon as I get the opportunity to see just how bad this movie is for myself.

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