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G.B.R.C. The Geeky Bureau of Rumor Control

Hey Everybody, Rick here with a big announcement regarding a new minicast that is coming up as yet another facet of the site and the podcast.  Our goal is to become one of the best geeky news sites out there in addition to becoming one of the best geeky podcasts out there.  That being said, I acknowledge that there has been a lack of actual geeky news on our site save for some reviews of summer movies, some editorials, and announcements regarding upcoming conventions.  That has been all fine and good, and we will continue to have that on the site. But me being ambitious with this site, I am driven to make this a top destination for your morning web surfing when looking for geeky news.  Which is what brings me to this:

The G.B.R.C., A.K.A. The Geeky Bureau of Rumor Control.  The name itself draws inspiration from the pages of Hellboy where the group that Hellboy is a part of is known as the B.P.R.D.

The G.B.R.C. will be our new monthly minicast were we discuss the news and rumors for the month.  Our first episode(s) will be about our coverage of San Diego Comicon, as our resident super hero/friend of the show Purrkayla is getting to go to the con for all four days!  So keep an eye (and an ear) out for the G.B.R.C. coming very soon to the USG!

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