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Edward Norton Our of Avengers?!?

So the story going around is that Edward Norton will no longer be playing Bruce Banner in the upcoming Avengers film.  Who will be playing Banner? Well, the big news going around is that Marvel wants a virtual unknown to play the human alter ego of the Hulk.  My money is on the casting of Sharlto Copeley as Banner.  He would be able to bring a great performance that would be both entertaining and intelligent. 

That being said, I hate that Norton will no longer be playing Bruce Banner because he was excellent in the Incredible Hulk movie.  In fact, I can definitely say that he was easily the best aspect of the movie and even still, the movie was pretty damn solid.  In fact, it is a far superior product when compared to the disastrously bad film directed by Ang Lee.  I am just curious as to why Marvel found it necessary to re-cast Norton, especially when he stated that he was looking forward to doing the Avengers movie and I gotta be honest, to see him interacting with the rest of the cast would have been a tremendous amount of fun. 

Needless to say that while I am disappointed by this news, I am quite curious to see what will be announced at the Avengers panel coming up at Comicon next week as Joss Whedon will be introducing the cast among other announcements.  Here's hoping that the replacement for Bruce Banner will be someone who doesn't upset the thousands of geeks present at the con!  

Oh, and did I mention that at least one of us from the USG will be out there that weekend? And did I also mention that at least two of us will be out there next year?

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