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The Death of Wonder Woman

It is indeed a sad day for comics. Especially DC Comics. After 69 years as the often forgotten third pillar of the DC trinity, Wonder Woman is, in a sense, being put down.

No, this is not a repeat of the "death of Superman". This is more of a literal death of both character and comic than a plotline demise. It is official that for the second time in her nearly seven-decade long career DC Comics is planning to simply ruin Wonder Woman. How will this happen? Why in the single worst new direction approach to hit the Amazon Princess since she was stripped of her powers in the 60s. Why anyone would imagine for a moment that a return to this approach, widely hated by fans, was a good idea I cannot imagine. Yet it seems that none other than Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski is helming this drastic disconnect from logic.

This is truly sad. Stracynski has had his moments of brilliance in comics (Supreme Power, Midnight Nation) but has also committed what many comic fans consider unforgivable blunders. Most notably, I am told, his work on Spider-Man.
It seems now that the man is on the brink of bringing such devastation to the pages of Wonder Woman. Though I must hesitate in placing the blame solely at his feet. It is possible the the writer was hired to carry out a new editorial mandate passed down from the upper echelons of DC management. More often than not some hapless creator is simply the best choice to make the most out of a bad situation - the stupidity of the "higher-ups" who feel that a major revamp is what fans want for their beloved and long-active characters. Listen up DC Comics (and/or J. Michael Straczynski)...this is most assuredly NOT what we want! This will not boost sales! It will not bring in new readers! It will not give the comic reading fan public (who are paying criminal cover prices for your offerings by the way) what they want!

Yes, I know it is too late. Wonder Woman has already been pushed off of the brink upon which New Coke once stood. The die is cast, things are set in stone, there is no turning back. But then perhaps that is one of the great strengths of comics. You can go back. Hopefully not later than Wonder Woman #620. Undoubtedly reason will again prevail and DC Comics will realize that while they stood once on the brink of bringing Wonder Woman to her rightful status on the high plateau upon which Superman and Batman have stood for decades, that they failed her and her fans with this pointless reset of the character, her look, her powers (or lack thereof), and her history. Bad call!

If you want to discover Wonder Woman at her best I suggest you seek out the George Perez issues (starting with Wonder Woman Vol. 2, #1) from 1985, the 'post-Crisis" era or the incredible stories written by Greg Rucka starting with issue #195. These are examples of the character at her best. Full of life and possibility. I fear that the new course being set beginning with Wonder Woman #600 will be Wonder Woman at her worst. And it is a shame. Princess Diana of Themyscira deserves far better than this.


I remember reading that even the (in)famous feminist leader Gloria Steinem was upset at the previous de-sexifying of Wonder Woman.

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