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Continuing My Film Education: Man on Wire

Hey Everybody, Rick here with another edition of Continuing My Film Education.  This time around, I am going to be discussing the documentary film "Man on Wire." I am silly for documentaries and I had heard much about this one but never was able to find the time to see it.  Well, that has finally been rectified and I am glad I was able to see it.  Man on Wore tells the story of Phillipe Petit, a tightrope walker who, when he heard that they were building the twin towers of the World Trade Center, he became obsessed with the idea of spanning a tightrope between the towersand walking across.

The resulting documentary features interviews with Petit, his co-conspirators,  and rare archival footage and re-creation footage which is brilliantly and seamlessly combined with the older footage.  The tale of Petit is an intriguing and fun chapter in the story of the World Trade Center which, sadly saw its end in 2001 in the attacks on September 11.  This film makes no mention of the attacks as that would taint the beauty and whimsical nature of the story being told here.

We get an idea of the mindset of Petit as he describes in detail how it was that he first become a man driven to do the improbable.  Not only that, we also get to see Petit walk a tightrope between the towers of the Notre Dame cathedral.  Both tightrope walks are siply staggering both in scope and the sheer audacity of Petit in thinking that he would be able to get away with the stunts without getting in some kind of trouble.

This is an absolutely fantastic documentary and I can't praise it any higher.    Highly recommended and I am absolutely thrilled to share this movie with you guys!


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