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Boomerang Comics Will Keep You Coming Back for More!

Hey! For fun!

Today was a big day for Boomerang Comics in Lewisville, TX as they had a summer sidewalk sale and cookout event! They rolled out their new logo, a clever boomerang design that appears on staff t-shirts as well as shirts that were available for sale a the shop (and also given away as prizes in frequent prize drawings.

A pair of tend covers kept out the rain (though precious little fell in that part of Texas during the outdoor festivities and one of the store's staff spent the better part of the two hours of the event grilling up free hot dogs for all who attended. That's right kids! Free hot dogs! We told you about this yesterday you know!

They also had a couple of tables stocked with 50 cent comic books that were being snatched up by the armload by happy customers. And of course the store itself is chock full of great comics (new and back issues) plus tons of cool collectibles. And you know how I love collectibles! New release comics are on the back wall of the store with many more comics on the left hand wall. To the right are DC and Marvel trade paperbacks with independant publisher trades nearby. Everybody's favorite venerable Jedi Master awaits you at the enterance to the shop and there are surprises all over the place. If you are in or near the Lewisville area you certainly should check them out!

I hitched a ride with PurrKayla and her human, Tom (You guys are GREAT!!!) for the trip out this afternoon and we all had a lot of fun. PurrKayla is always a hit with children and adults alike when she makes her appearances. Even the ladies from the hair stylists next door came out to greet her and pose for photos. When you see PurrKayla at an event you know it will be a fun one! And this was no exception.

Out in front of the store they had provided space for a couple of local artists to sell sketches and display their work. We had spoken recently on the podcast about supporting your local comic shops and this is a great opportunity to recommend one here in Texas quite highly. I really applaud the shops that reach out to their customers and the local community and do things like this event. A big USG thank you goes out to Neil and his staff for all of the fun and tasty food we enjoyed for a couple of hours on a warm summer day in Texas!

Check out Boomerang Comics' website today:

Friend of the Show (and indeed friend of the local convention and geeky event scene in north Texas) PurrKayla poses with her new artist friend Jamel who had a great Deadpool sketch card already waiting for her at his table. How did he know?

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