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Am I Not A Real Geek?

I've been watching a lot of "Spaced" in order to get my Pump Up on Edgar Wright finished. I noticed in just about every episode of the show there is an Evil Dead 2 poster in clear view in the main characters' living room. It got me thinking about the movie and how I couldn't remember the last time I watched it. That led me to thinking about how I actually have never updated my VHS copies of the trilogy to either DVD or Blu-Ray.

The reason I've always told myself is that there are probably thirty re-released versions of each movie and they all have different special features on them or were initially way too expensive for them. This is why it took me years to ever buy Leon/The Professional on DVD. I'm very much a special feature nerd and figured they would eventually get around to releasing some all-encompassing version that had everything put together. I'd pick that one up when it comes. It just hasn't come yet.

And then it hit me. If someone walked up to me and told me "You're never going to see any movie in the Evil Dead trilogy again," I probably would shrug and not care too much. I definitely have fond memories of the films and don't hate them in any way, I just don't think I love them either. Maybe I've never admitted that before because it seems like an evil thing to say around other geeks. It's one of those things that has become so much a part of the lexicon of geek culture that you kind of feel weird for not liking it when you like so many other things in the same vein as that.

Being indifferent is a dangerous thing these days with films. Either you love it or you hate it and there's nothing in between. For me to say something is "okay" is immediately filed under "He hated it." No, it just means I enjoyed it but it was nothing that blew me away. I enjoy the Evil Dead films and Army of Darkness is definitely a very funny movie, but I'll admit I get slightly turned off when people start cracking up and yelling about their boomsticks.

Sam Raimi is pretty hit or miss with me anyways. I think Spider Man 2 is the only truly great movie he's made. Right behind that I'd put A Simple Plan. And I'll admit I had a good time when I saw Drag Me To Hell in a theatre full of teenage girls, but I don't think it would work as well alone on my couch. I haven't seen The Quick and the Dead in a good ten years so it wouldn't really be fair to say anything about that. I saw The Gift once and that was enough. Darkman? No thanks. Spider Man 3? I'm not dignifying that with a response. For Love of the Game? See my point? He just doesn't do a lot for me. When people get all excited about him working on World of Warcraft or anything else I just don't care.

I'm sure every self-proclaimed geek has someone like that or something they can't get behind. I have several. I'm new to the site so I'll get my demons out there early.

Battlestar Galactica. I've heard nothing but rave things and it's intriguing, but I'll probably never watch it unless someone loans me the first season and demands I do it.

I think George A. Romero should have stopped making films after 1985. He's a hack now and anyone who disagrees with me is just too attached to the early work.

The Boondock Saints is a movie I despise with every fiber of my body. I know I'm not alone in this but the fact that there is a cult of people who adore it disgust me.

I've never liked a single John Waters movie and when I met him on the streets of New York I lied to him about this fact.

Superman 2 has not aged well at all.

I've never played Halo and I don't think I know a single thing about World of Warcraft. I'm not a gamer, I've done half ass attempts but I don't think it's in me. I do like the Lego games and the new Mario game on the Wii.

Napoleon Dynamite sucks.

I don't care if I ever see another episode of South Park even though I laugh pretty hard when I do.

And despite a few films, I don't think I like Terry Gilliam. I respect him as a director more than I actually enjoy the films he's made. The ones I do really enjoy are Parnassus, 12 Monkeys, Fisher King, Holy Grail, and Brazil. Otherwise I could care less.

I'm sure there's more but you get the idea. I love a lot of things that other people love. But just being associated with geekdom does not mean you have to like every aspect of it. I'm a huge fan of the western genre but I don't expect everyone to be. It's okay just to like something but not love it. And I don't think anyone should have to feel bad about it anymore.

And who knows. Maybe Sam Raimi will make another movie and I'll do a Pump Up for him and rewatch all his old films and find that I'm completely wrong and do in fact love the Evil Dead trilogy. But it's cool if I don't too. I'm still a geek.


You make some very good points. I'm the same way. In fact I'll go a bit further, and say that I would much rather watch, read, or try something new, than do the "repeat" thing. Yes, I have watched a movie or read a book more than once, but usually it's from a very small group. Do I need to watch Star Wars yet again? Not really, and if I never do it doesn't bother me.

Just one word of warning, Jedicole LOVES Napoleon Dynamite. =) Saying it sucks is a bit strong. He may take exception to this. LOL I'm waiting for the fireworks!

Rick here:
Re Raimi directing World of Warcraft: I used to be an avid player of WoW. I sunk in at least a year's worth of game time until I no longer could afford it. But I am excited to see what he will do with the setting of the movie. Oh, and I love the Evil Dead films, For Love of the Game, Darkman and Spider-Man 2. Spider-Man 3 I agree. It is nigh unwatchable.

Re Battlestar Galactica: I own the first season on HD DVD. I have yet to see past the poilt episode. I don't hate the series but I find myself doing other things that take priority over it. Some day I will get around to seeing the first season.

Re Romero: Sorry, I think his last great zombie movie was Land of the Dead. I could not stand Diary of the Dead and I have yet to see Survival.

Re Boondock Saints: I can understand why you hate it. I thought it was okay but nothing out of this world.

Re Superman 2: Agreed. And the Donner cut of the film has aged even worse. Though I still love Superman 2.

Re Terry Gilliam: I love some of his films. When they are fantastical stories, then yes. Other stuff like Twelve Monkeys, Tideland, etc. Not so much. But I love Brazil, Time Bandits, Fisher King, Fear and Loathing, and Dr. Parnassus.

Other than Boondock Saints, I generally agree with you. I like Boondock, but that's more to satisfy my craving for pure gore, and there are other movies that do it better.

And yes, Napoleon Dynamite Sucks. It has always sucked, it always will suck, and the fact that it often gets included with other great movies does nothing but piss me off.

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