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50 State Initiative: BLOBFEST!

Hey Everybody, Rick here with a contribution to the 50 State Initiative from a friend of the show, Mr. Joe Barlow from the excellent Cinemaslave Podcast!

So it turns out that a very special kind of geek event happens on an annual basis in Phoenixville, PA.  This particular event is held at  The Colonial Movie Theater, the very same theater that gets attacked by the Blob in the original film from 1958, "The Blob."  Past guests have included Mary Jo Pehl (Pearl Forrester from MST3K) in addition to Wes Shank, the "caretaker" of the original Blob!

Joe says this about the event:  "It’s kind of like visiting Mecca if you’re a fan of b-movies. And watching a gorgeous 35mm print of the flick on the big screen, surrounded by several hundred other fans, inside the *very theater that’s being destroyed right before your eyes*, is a marvelously surreal experience. You need to do this at least once."

The event kicks off with blobball.  Here is some insight on the goings on at the Blobball!

This event is the kick-off party for BlobFest weekend. Music will be provided by The Rivers Rockabilly Trio, one of the areas hottest Rockabilly bands, featuring the hits of the 1950’s. The night will feature dancing, a themed menu of food and drink, and contests. Prizes will be awarded for Best 50’s Dress (male & female), Best 50’s Celebrity Costume, Best Scary Movie Costume, and Best Dancers. Blob Ball will start at 8:30, right before the “running out” reenactment at the Colonial Theatre (around 9:00 PM) and will continue until 11:30 PM. Club 212 gives the perfect vantage point for a ‘bird’s eye view’ of Bridge Street and the “running out” scene.

So if you happen to be able to make it out to Blobfest next weekend, please let us know, give us a report about the fest and send us pictures!  We love to hear about stuff like this!

Thanks to Joe Barlow who posted an article about this event a few years back at this site! Oh, and please be sure to check out his excellent movie podcast, Cinemaslave!

If you know of any geeky events or locations in the state you live in or something that needs to be talked about on the site, we want to hear from you!  It can be a convention, it can be a comic book store, it can even be a theme park, or just about anything!  Send us the information and we will post it on the USG site!  Get the word out!  Join the Initiative!

Here's a link to the teaser trailer for BlobFest!

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