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Something Fun and Geeky - A Friend of a Friend of the Show

Mrs. JediCole and I enjoyed a nice lunch at the top-secret lair of Friend of the Show and resident super-hero PurrKayla this afternoon (thanks again for the invite). While we were there we were treated to a fun video from a friend of hers that was done as a college class project.

There is really no need for further introduction. This piece speaks for itself as a wonderful celebration of geekdom, cosplay, and just plain fun. I always think it is great when people can mix their love of pop-culture with their coursework. That is the best of both worlds (as long as you don't have a stuffy professor). So please click on this link and enjoy as we did something rather clever from a friend of a friend...

And if you know of a fun, fan-made video out there on the internet that we need to be sharing with our fans and listeners please drop us a line and we will get it on this very site!

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