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Show Me Yours - JediCole Wants to See Your Collection

As a special new offshoot of Buy Me, Fanboy!, your fearless collectibles guru JediCole is proud to present a new recurring feature...Show Me Yours!

Do you have a massive, dare I say formidable, collection? Do you just have a few things you have picked up over the years that have a special place in your heart? Do you specialize in one genre (Star Wars, super-heroes, Disney) or one type (action figures, statues) of collectibles? Do you have a collection that is diverse and universal? Regardless of the type of collection you have, big or small, I invite you to share it with the rest of the United States of Geekdom by submitting photos to us here. Starting in the next few weeks (recurring as long as we receive new submissions) we will feature images of my fellow collectors' collections.

Now there are various websites out there that showcase fan collections. I realize this. But here at the USG we do things a little bit different. I want to share not just the pictures of your collection but a bit of the back story as well. Tell me about yourself as a collector. Or share an anecdote or two on how you acquired a prized piece in your collection. Why just show a few pictures when you can fill in some of the blanks that images alone cannot convey?

So, how does this work? It is fairly simple really. Just follow the guidelines below and become an active part of the USG and the Show Me Yours Gallery...

1. Send an email (with photos attached as jpeg, bmp, etc.) to with "Show Me Yours" in the subject line
2. Submit at least two but not more than 12 photos of your collection
3. Add a few notes on the collection - how you got started collecting, the story behind one of your favorite pieces, or about the people in your life who have helped you keep up the collection as your "support network"

I will start posting the submissions as they arrive, showcasing one to two collections per installment. If you don't see yours right away do not worry, I will continue to post as long as I have collections to showcase with installments about three to five days apart.

In the mean time, here is a glimpse at just a sample of JediCole's "Herculean" collection...

Below: Left - Hot Toys' Joker (from The Dark Knight) I finally found a use for that glass dome I bought 25 years ago! Center - A glimpse of the interior of what was originally a walk-in closet in my "studio". That is the original Kenner Alien figure on the little bookshelf to the right, a Christmas present from my parents that year. Yeah, they knew what I was all about! Right - The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms made of Celucay (paper mache material) by Texas artist John Fischner over 30 years ago. I met Mr. Fischner at a few conventions over the years and always wanted to own one of his works. This was one of the pieces he had when I first met him, and it joined my collection only last year!

Below: Left - A few of the many time-wasting distractions on my studio desk. The roughly half-life-size Mini Me figure is a personal favorite. I am also rather partial to the Wal-Mart Exclusive Giant Man Build-A-Figure, and Gentleman Ghost. Oh, and can you tell I am silly for droids? Center - The "Big Millennium Falcon", a Christmas present from Mrs. JediCole. Right - The striking Oola statue from the French company Attakus.

Below: Right - DC Direct Kingdom Come action figures. The line has tapered off some in recent years but the Justice Society of America figure of Starman is has the exact same costume as the character in Kingdom Come, so he made a great addition. Right - DC Direct Watchmen action figures. After 20 years it was nice to have some version of the characters of Watchmen immortalized in plastic!

Below: Left - An end table in the studio is home to Battlestar Galactica Titanium Series ships, a Raiders of the Lost Ark Fertility Idol bank, and a mini-bust of Lockjaw of The Inhumans. There is even a great Star Wars Pop-Up book! Center: The studio sofa doubles as the "Soft Toys Section". The boys from South Park are joined by Teddy from A.I. (a talking Super Toy that is voiced by Jack Angel, just like in the movie), Sebastian of The Little Mermaid, Cthulu, and even Blinky the fish from The Simpsons, a rare Canadian release. There are many regular animals like an octopus and a stingray. See if you can identify some of the other characters in the group! Right: The Fambaa from Episode I, a groomsman's gift to me when I was best man at a friend's wedding! Note the Senate Pods to the left cleverly raised one above the other using a doll stand.

Below: A nice wide shot of just one side of the Studio. Vintage and contemporary Star Wars figures dominate this wall along with my collection of Don Post Star Wars masks and helmets. Note the ships hanging from the ceiling (a real space saver let me tell you). On the wall are a few signed photos, the Official Certificate given out at Toys R Us the night of the Episode I Action Figure Release, the original Watchmen Buttons Set, the Certificate of Appreciation we received at All-Con 2005, and a copy of the Star Wars Spectacular magazine, the very first Star Wars collectible I ever bought (though this is not that very same copy). If there is any interest I will post more photos of the collection in the near future. As my co-hosts can tell you, the photos featured have only begun to scratch the surface!


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