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Play With Your Toys: An Introduction

Hey Everybody, Rick here with an introduction to my latest series called "Play With Your Toys" in which I will discuss the first two movies and review the third movie of the Toy Story series.  Why Toy Story you ask? Well, first off, aside from being a movie series that I am intimately familiar with, having seen the first two films no less than sixty times now that my son Oliver is a HUGE fan of these movies but also for their impact in film in general.  You see, Toy Story was the first feature length film done entirely in CG, which at the time was completely unheard of.  It took the geniuses at Pixar and geek favorite Joss Whedon to find a way to make toys become not only living, breathing characters, but also become some of the most engaging, popular and beloved characters to come out of, well, just about anywhere!  Characters like Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear have become some of the most popular and well known characters to come out of Pixar, even going to far as to get theme park rides based on their exploits.  Not to mention the fact that the toy lines featuring the characters have been extremely popular as well.   

The appeal of the characters, especially Woody and Buzz, is absolutely undeniable. As I write this, my son is playing with a toy of each and knows these two characters by name. He is almost two years old at this writing. Buzz's signature catchphrase "To infinity and beyond" is a phrase commonly heard by my wife and I from our son because Buzz Lightyear is his absolute favorite character. When we went to Disneyland for our son's first trip ever there and when he was denied going to go see Buzz in person by his grandfather, my son was inconsolable. The power of these characters is incredible. I never knew just how powerful a favorite character is to a child. Or rather, I seem to have forgotten in my old age. Being a father has opened that world up to me in ways I never thought possible and I love this movie all the more for it. Seeing my son see these movies and love them as much as I do, has been one of the biggest thrills of being a dad and I am thrilled that my son will share this love for these characters with me.

The impact of these movies is unquestionable and I am absolutely thrilled to talk about these movies and the fact that there now is a third movie that (as I have heard) is a fitting conclusion to the Toy Story series.  Expect the first part up sometime tomorrow!

Stay Geeky!

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