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Happy 90th Birthday Ray Harryhausen!

Well talk about great timing! The next episode of the USG podcast, set to record tomorrow night, will focus on the films and career of Ray Harryhausen. And today is his birthday! As this is just one of the many topics that make up "the hat", the pool of some 40 topics submitted by your USG hosts at the outset of the podcast, to have this be our selection right on the cusp of this incredible creator's birthday is quite amazing.

There are those people that stand out in your past who touched your life by virtue of their work. Before George Lucas (hey, I'm JediCole after all), for me there was Ray Harryhausen! In a time long before the internet I was able to discover much about the life and career of the man responsible for the most stunning creature effects on film. Having grown up watching Godzilla movies (guy in a suit) and old "dinosaur" pictures with rubber fins and horns glued onto poor iguanas and monitor lizards, nothing could compare to the animated creations of Ray Harryhausen. I had to know more about the man and his work. But then I should save this for the podcast, hey?

That said I would like to wish Ray Harryhausen a most sincere happy birthday on behalf of the United States of Geekdom as well as a lifelong fan. Thank you for all of the memories Ray! (Tune in to the next exciting episode of The United States of Geekdom to learn more about these and other memories that will randomly emerge from the bubbling cauldron that is the mind of JediCole!

JediCole's favorite Harryhausen creation!

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