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DRAW! - A Brief History of Finish It! Finish It! (so far)

When I recently mentioned Finish It! Finish It! in the article on Texas Comicon 2010 I knew that most people who read the article would be unfamiliar with exactly what that meant. So to kind of clear things up and drum up further interest in the event (which will be appearing soon at other Texas conventions) I thought it best to share a little of the history of the event with our readers.

Three weeks before All-Con 2010 I had an idea pop into my head. This sort of thing happens all of the time, but in this case it was quite a brainstorm. While the concept was fairly simple I thought perhaps the organization of the event from concept to fulfillment might be a bit much on such a short notice. Knowing that there were always a great many independant artists attending All-Con in the Artist's Alley I thought that it would be fun to have a small panel of these artists participate in a unique activity that would allow convention attendees to interact directly with these artists.

This would entail having three artists take an hour out of their day at the show to act as interactive panelists. Three participants would be randomly selected from those in the audience who wished to participate would be given roughly a half hour to draw whatever they wanted (a favorite super-hero, movie or TV character, or original creation) during which time the artists would engage in Q&A with the audience. At the half hour mark the participants would put down their pencils and hand thier work over to our artists who would ink, embelish, and "finish it". Thus was the concept of Finish It! Finish It!

The response from All-Con took me by surprise. If I would host they would arrange to have artists on hand for what would be two different rounds of the show! And this they did. In fact the first round proved so popular that we upped the ante and had a total of five artists sitting on the panel for the second round. It was a bit unwieldy, but in the end a lot of fun. Especially for all of the participants who got to keep their finished artwork! It is little wonder we needed five artists for the second round. At All-Con we were joined by the show's comic guest Larry Hama (long-time writer of G.I. Joe comics who started his career as a graphic artist) as well as Michael Champion and Kennon James from the Artist's Alley. The second round played host to Michael Champion again along with Chris Fulton, Jonathan Caustrita, Frank Anderson, Jr., and Bobby Blakey.

This would have been the life of Finish It! Finish It! in 2010 (there was no doubt I would bring it back to All-Con in 2011) had it not been for a call from Jonathan Caustrita some time after the convention. I was invited to produce a variation of this show for the upcoming (September 2010) Dallas Web Comic Expo ( When I discovered that Chris Fulton and Michael Champion were joining the Artist's Alley of the Texas Comic Con in San Antonio in June I decided to contact that show's promoters to see if they would like me to produce the event there. Especially knowing I would easily have two of the required three artists for the show. They agreed and put me on the schedule for the last day of the show. Not ideal, but an opportunity none the less. With enthusiastic help from Michael and Chris I wound up with a panel of five artists that Sunday afternoon!

What is next for Finish It? I am currently pursuing scheduling for this event at the Dallas Comic Con in Richardson, TX (August 28-29, 2010) and the Austin Comic Con/Wizard World in Austin, TX (November 12-14, 2010). I will make an announcement here when I have made the initial proposals to these shows so our listeners and readers can help in the campaign to get Finish It! on these shows' schedules! Who knows? You may be the next participant to take home a unique piece of artwork!

For your viewing enjoyment I have included galleries of Finish It! Finish It! from All-Con 2010 and Texas Comic Con 2010...

All-Con 2010: Round 1 (Kennon James, Michael Champion, Larry Hama)

All-Con 2010: Round 2 (Jonathan Caustrita, Bobby Blakey, Michael Champion, Chris Fulton, Frank Anderson, Jr.)

Texas Comic Con 2010: (Brent Peeples, Chris Fulton, Michael Champion, Cal Slayton, Kennon James)


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