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Conan the Texan - Robert E. Howard Days This Weekend

By Crom! How this slipped by my geek radar I do not know, but by a stroke of luck I was able to report this bit of Geeky News just in the nick of time (like the arrival of the etheral Valaria in the Conan movie.)

This very weekend in the central Texas town of Cross Plains the annual Robert E. Howard Days are being held! Howard was the creator of Conan the Barbarian as well as a myriad of other characters including Solomon Kane and Kull the Conquerer. Every year fans of the fable Cimmerian (and indeed all of Howard's creations) flock to this unassuming little town where the author made his mark on popular fiction.

Presented by Project Pride, this event has been held on the second weekend of June for many years now. This organization purchased Howard's house in Cross Plains in 1989 and restored the building, turning it into a museum dedicated to the author. This is one of the key sites that play a major role in Robert E. Howard Days along with the Cross Plains Public Library. Each year this celebration offers walking tours of Cross Plains, a Saturday night banquet and silent auction, a Barbarian Festival, and even official postal cancellations at the local post office!

Put a pin in the map of Texas on Cross Plains as one of the geeky locales for the 50 State Initiative and if you can, make your way out there this weekend for a barbaric good time! (On a related note we hope to invite our friend and resident Robert E. Howard authority Ethan on the show as a guest in the near future.)

For more information, visit the festival's website right here!

Also Check out this site for even more information right here!

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