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The Zombie Prom: A Pictorial


Hey Everybody, Rick here with a look at a geeky event that took place in Irving Texas last night.  The word got out that there was a zombie prom in the works and me being a zombie fan and a geek, I simply could not resist to go check it out.  Thanks to all who allowed me to take pictures.  I honestly had a lot of fun and I got to make some new friends because of this!  This is exactly what I mean when I talk about community.  Just a bunch of people, complete strangers or otherwise, getting together to share something that they all have in common.  That is community in Geekdom to me.  Last night I was privy to a taste of community that I never thought I would ever have seen.  At least, never in L.A. which is where I am from.  Two girls showed up to the zombie prom and had no make up on for whatever reason.  Well, our friends of the show Megan stepped up and did the make up for these two girls and I gotta be honest, they looked awesome!  Like I said, community in geekdom.  Gotta love it.  Okay, I'm getting down from off my soapbox.  Enjoy the pictures, ya hear? (For the record by the way, I am not in any of these pictures.  Beetlejuice is the pic you see first because the rest of them are kind of scary.  Just saying.)  




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