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USG Challenge - Red Dawn Facts

Ok Soliders, our next episode is on one of my favorite movies of all time...Red Dawn. If you haven't seen this gem, do it now. If you have seen this one, then we need your help. We are looking for Red Dawn Facts. These are like Chuck Norris Facts, but are Red Dawn Centric, and also happen to be true, cause that is just how awesome Red Dawn is. I have a million of them already, as i have been traveling the globe to record Red Dawn Miracles wherever they occur. We wanna see what you got. be creative and for the most part clean...we are a family(ish) show. Either post them in the comments here or email them to WOLVERINES!

-Red Dawn cures Blindness..but only while the movie is playing, and during any subsequent Powers Boothe's residual
-Red Dawn was actually based on a true story...Swayze had it covered up in trade for appearing in Dirty Dancing.

And so on....

We look forward to hearing what you have to say!

-Andy F.

True story. I have friends who met during preproduction on Red Dawn. Got married while it was in the early production stages. And had a child together, named Patrick Powers (last name withheld by request), who was born on the day of the release of the movie!

the power of Red Dawn

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