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SYFY Saturday - Witchville: A SYFY Saturday review

SYFY Saturday - Witchville: A SYFY Saturday review

Directed: Perry Reginald Teo
Written: Amy Krell, John Werner

Starring: Luke Gross, Ed Speleers, Andrew Pleavin, Simon Thorp, Sarah Douglas, MyAnna Buring, Ian Virgo

Ah swords and sorcery, that oft overused genus of fantasy fare that is always just so hit and miss with the SYFY channel. They have had a few winner, like Dungeons and Dragons 2 ( yes it was good, sit on it haters). They have also amassed their fair share of misses, I am still trying to not only figure out the plot of Thor: Hammer of the Gods...but why it was even made. I will readily admit, I am a huge sucker for this kinda story in any form, be it an epic Lord of the Rings trilogy down to a weekly serial like Xena. Call it the D&D geek in me, but I love a movie with ridiculously unrealistic weapons and armor (seriously does physics just not work in these worlds) and crazy CG magic spells being thrown around. As always, I will do my best to not divulge any spoilers, past the hook at least.

This story opens up like The Music Man meets West Side Story. Newly minted King of the realm, Malachy (played by Luke Goss..but more on that later) is introduced to a traveling magician by the name of Kramer. Kramer confronts our king about a certian drought issue that the lands have been having, the source of the issue might just be a little witchy. Kramer then goes a'grandstandin! sellin his witch story (and in the process cause what could be an innocent old woman to get burned at the stake, but if you are making an omelet..sometimes you need some grandmatricide.) This convinces Malachy to go on the witch hunt that isnt a witch hunt, cause they are actually hunting witches. You will have to watch this one for the rest of the story, and I actually suggest you do.

The cast is a
ctually really good, much better than the usual SYFY "gets". You have fantasy luminaries Luke Goss (Prince Nuada from Hellboy 2), Ed Speleers ( Eragon from Eragon...granted not the best example, but still a little bit of a pull for a supporting role), and the biggest surprise in Witchville...Sarah Douglas. They got Ursa from Superman 2. You wanna see an impressive IMDB page? Look no further than this. Myanna Buring, aside from having just an awesome name, is one helluva stunt actress. She is my draft pick for SYFY up and comer of the year so far.

The CG is acceptable here, it doesn't need to be great to be effective, and the effects staff and director at least knew this. They didn't push it to places that if they would have, it would have looked really cheesed out and wrong. They kept it nice and simple (for the most part). The fight scenes and portrayal are actually very good for SYFY. The are cut well, and acted effectively. Granted, I doubt they got the same caliber of fight choreography that a Hellboy 2 had, but they worked with what they h
ad, and what they had were talented actors and stunt people. Luke Goss did a really fantastic job with what he was given, as did Myanna Buring. There sword fights and martial battle was actually better than some of the big budget slugfests I have paid my good money to see. Sarah Douglas is as formidable as you would hope she would. She brings much of her vast talent to bare, and it is a lot of fun to watch.

Overall, this was a fun movie. Perry Teo did a nice job, along with writers Amy Krell and John Werner, of lay
ing out a fine adventure. It really reminds me of a classic dungeons and dragons romp. The party forms early, they travel a hard road, meet new friend and make quite a few enemies, and smite their foes. I imagine they gained a few levels along the way. Why the magician never memorized Create Food and Water is beyond me (if you get that joke, you get the 2nd edition D&D merit badge.) Watch this one, it's a while lot of fun, and the acting and the story ain't too bad either. The Empire Strikes Back moments not withstanding...though I guess you will have to give it a look to see what I mean.

8/10 outrageously huge and spikey shoulder pauldrons

Stay tuned in two weeks for Princess of Mars. as in John in Space Tarzan....and Traci Lords

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-Andy F


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