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***SPOILERS!*** Lost: The End **SPOILERS!***

Hey everyone, Rick here with a brief introduction to what I am going to be doing for the final episode of Lost.  His show started in 2004 and both my wife Molly and I fell in love with the show.  Lost became a worldwide phenomenon that was embraced by fans everywhere.  The question of whether the island is hell, or purgatory, or what have you has been a subject of intense debate over the past six years.  So with that said, and knowing there a bunch of "Losties" out there (including myself) I thought I would do something special with the final episode.  Similar to what Harry Knowles does for Oscar night every year, I will be taking a page from the man himself and doing a very stream of consciousness thing with the final episode of Lost.  Mind you, I have already seen the episode and was very impressed by the proccedings.  All the cards were laid out on the table and in a really sastifying and appropriate way.  This is my second viewing of the episode and I was subsequently blown away by it even more.  I will be going into spoilers but not in the conventional way.  I will quote lines from the episode and such as well as drop in my own personal observations.  So please bear with me and enjoy!

Note: I know I am likely stating the obvious, but when it says Island, it's the action on the island.  When I say Sideways, I am talking about the side existence that up until this episoide we weren't sure if it was a what if, or if it was something else. 


The Oceanic plane.  But when?

Box.  Name of Christian Shepherd.  Wow. That name has a whole new meaning.

Interesting juxtaposition of the characters on the island in the current reality and in the sideways reality. 

The father of Jack's body being delivered to the church.  But why does Desmond sign off on it? 

Desmond: "No one can tell you why you're here Kate.  Certainly not me."


Sawyer: "Go ahead to your heart of the Island and I'll go get the Magic Leprecauhn out of the well."

Hurley: "I got a bad feeling about this." (His Final Star Wars quote!)


Hurley and Charlie reunite!  Then Hurley shoots Charlie with a tranq dart.  Great moment.

Kate: "Nothing is Irreversible"


Ben: "As long you're watching why don't you join us?"

Sawyer BLAM elbow to Ben's nose.  Awesome.

Vincent the dog and Rose and Bernard!  So good to see them again!

Anti-Locke is a douche.

Ben is playing both sides.  Nice.


Jin and Sun in the hospital.  About to be visited by a doctor about her pregnancy.


Whoah!  What the hell?

Sun remembering what happened on the island?  Jin too! Beautiful moment.  Heartbreaking.  The first of these montages where the characters in the sideways existence remember what happened on the island.

Not related to the show but the Inception trailer looks incredible.  Still don't know what its about and I don't want to.  Can't wait to see it!
Sawyer meeting up with Jack, Kate, and Hurley.  We are in the endgame on the island.

Jack and Locke talking in sideways existence.  Locke is going to get his spinal surgery.  Great scene.

"I hope that brings you some peace."

"If I can fix you Mr. Locke, that's all the peace I need."


Richard Alpert getting a gray hair? Jacob's influence on Richard is waning.

Jack Lapidus is alive!  Awesome!

Badass moment with Kate shooting at Anti-Locke.

"You might want to save your bullets."

Even more badass moment with Jack and Anti-Locke facing off.

"How are you going to kill me?"

"That's a surprise."   


Something about a concert that was brought up at the end of the episode previous.  Jack and Juliet are married and have a son.


Hurley: "Jack, I believe in you dude."

Did I mention that Anti-Locke is a Douche?


Hurley: There are rules Dude.

Sayid: Whose rules?

Hurley: Don't worry about it.  Just trust me okay?

Great character moment between these two guys.

Sayid runs out to help someone getting beat up and we find out it is BOONE AND SHANNON!

Flashback sequence 2.  Sayid and Shannon.  They found each other again.  Boone was in on it with Hurley!  Love it.


Anti-Locke sending Desmond down into the cave with the golden light. Remember that Desmond was able to withstand an electromagnetic pulse without dying.

Shot of Jack and Anit-Locke echoing the shot of when they first open the hatch and find Desmond down there only this time, they are sending Desmond down  into the unknown.


Daniel Faraday (Widmore) and Charlotte.  Great little moment there.

Claire and Kate meeting up.

Daniel playing a concert with Driveshaft (Charlie's band)

Charlie and Claire.  Eyes meet. Beautiful scene. 


Badass moment with Desmond pulling the cork on the island as it were.

Probably not a good thing that he pulled it though...just saying.

Jack vs. Anti-Locke.  Round 1.  Hmm.  Anti-Locke rendered mortal.  Nice.


Claire about to have her baby. 

Flashback sequence #3 Kate and Claire.  Memories from when Kate helped deliver Claire's baby Aaron. 

That is the cleanest looking baby to ever come out of a birth canal.  Also, at least six months old.  That kid is HUGE.

Claire and Charlie Flashbacks (sequence 4)  One of my favorite moments of the episode.  Beautiful, and heartwrenching.

Desmond: "Do you understand?"

Kate: "So now what?"


Miles: "Get your asses over here, we're leaving in an hour!"

Jack Vs. Anti-Locke Round 2.  Jack going for the air punch.  Frickin' awesome.

Throwdown.  Anti-Locke is handing Jack his ass on a silver platter. Great camera work going on though.

Anti-Locke going for the kill shot.

"I want you to know died for nothing!"


Kate: I saved you a bullet!

A total get up off your ass and cheer moment.

Locke out of sugery.

Locke's recovery and rebirth is incredible.  Flashback sequence 5.  Locke being able to walk again. 

"I hope that somebody does for you what you just did for me."


Sawyer: "Thanks Doc.  For everything."

Hurley pretty much laughing off the idea of escaping down the ladders that scale the cliff followed by Jack and Kate finally kissing.  That was a great payoff right there.

Miles: "I don't believe in a lot of things.  But I do believe in duct tape!"


Sawyer and Juliet. Flashback sequence 6.  "I got you."  Yes you do Sawyer, yes you do. 

Okay, seriously, the commercials are just ridiculous by how many breaks they decided to shove on us here.

Kate and Jack at the aftermath of the concert.  Flashback sequence 7.  Jack and Kate.  Apparently it's going to take more than just Kate to jog Jack's memory though. 


Jack passing the torch to Hurley after having had it passed to him by Jacob.  Great moment.  I knew that Hurley was going to be an extremely important character from the start of the show.

And yes, they do get off the island (but not who you think...)


Locke arriving at the church and runs into Ben.  Great scene.  Ben does not go in because he still has much to atone for. 


Hurley asking Ben to help him take care of the island.  You see Ben's arc reach its end and it's a great thing. 


Hurley: You were a great number two.

Ben: And you were a great number one, Hugo.

Jack in the church.  Different religious symbols.  Interesting.

Flashback sequence 8: Jack.  Emotional punch to the gut.  Especially when Jack realizes that he and everyone else is dead. But they all dies at different moments both on and off the island.

Confirmation that the Island really did happen. 

"The most inportant part of your life is the time you spent with these people."

Simultaneously, Jack is dying on the island.  Vincent lays down next to him. "No one dies alone."

Final pre credits shot Jack's eye closing.  Full circle to the beginning of the show in the first episode.    

Ultimately, I think that the show ended quite appropriately.  We get to see these characters that we have gotten to know over the past six years reach their end both figuratively and literally. This is a  rare thing in days where a show that has much promise falls flat and dies before its time.  But for the most part Lost has been consistently enertaining and frustrating all at the same time.  The sequences in the sideways existence are incredible in this particular episode, especially when you being to catch on to what is happening during the proceedings.  The lives of the core characters are inexorably intertwined and this is handled in such a way on the show that it is nothing short of brilliant.  I should also mention Michael Giacchino's score for the entire series as a whole but particularly for this episode.  Absolutely haunting and incredible.  Giacchino has been on my list of favorite composers for a while now but I think with this, he has taken the top spot and is now comfortably sharing that spot with John Williams. 

I know there are many who feel that the series finale was a cop out but honestly, I didn't see the show ending in any other way.  Absolutely brilliant and one of the best shows I have followed from beginning to end. 

5 out of 5


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